3 lovely sunbeds for your terrace

3 lovely sunbeds for your terrace

3 lovely sunbeds for your terrace

We can provide you with three solutions on, how you can add exclusive vacation vibes into your outdoor space with one of our comfy sunbeds.

Imagine yourself laying on a comfy sunbed on your own terrace, feeling the light summer breeze while enjoying a cold glass of rosé wine. Or taking an afternoon break in the shadow under a large tree. No matter what you dream of this summer, we have the right sunbed for you.



Are you looking for a beautiful sunbed that matches the current trends? Amaze is the perfect choice. Developed in beautiful teakwood that gives a warm natural look to your terrace.

Style it with some of our comfy cushions, designed perfectly for our sunbeds. Or style it with comfy blankets and pillows for a cosy and more relaxing look.

Amaze is a classic sunbed that never goes out of style. As a bonus it also has wheels, which makes it easy to move around.

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Tip: Amaze has a multifunctional design, whereas you can use it as a bench or as a table, if you wish to have a small picnic in your garden.

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You can also look at our product care series, Cane-line Care, for teak furniture. With our Cane-line Care product you can take extra care of your Amaze sunbed and maintain the beautiful golden-brown colour. 


sunbed for two


The spacious Peacock daybed is the perfect sunbed for two. This daybed expresses exclusivity, and you get the true feeling of vacation.

The Peacock daybed is the perfect place to take a nap in the light summer breeze, or you can use it as a regular sunbed. You can choose to lay down alone in the sun with plenty of space or choose to share it with the one that you love.

The possibilities are endless, and Peacock daybed is perfect for everything. It is just up to you to decide where to place it in your outdoor space.


sunbed for two


Bonus: We have many other pieces in our Peacock series, which gives you the possibility to find matching outdoor furniture for your new Peacock daybed.

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Do you prefer the minimalist and classic style? Then our Breeze sunbed is the perfect choice for you. A minimalist expression that oozes of Nordic design and style.

Breeze is a popular choice by our customers. In other words, you will not regret choosing this minimalist sunbed. The timeless design ensures that it will fit perfectly in any outdoor space, and we are sure that it will be perfect on your terrace or balcony.



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Tip: Our Breeze sunbeds are stackable. If you have more than one Breeze sunbed you can easily stack them and store them away during the cold winter months.

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Our last tip: when decorating your outdoor space, start by considering which expression you would like for your outdoor space. Should it be the minimalist expression with the Breeze sunbed or the warm natural expression with the Amaze sunbed?

Should your new sunbed match your other outdoor furniture, or should it stand out? Whatever you choose, we have a broad selection of sunbeds with different design expressions, and for sure, one that suits you.

As an alternative to sunbeds, you can also choose a sunchair. You can explore our selection of sunchairs here.