Edge dining table base w/extensions, 210x100 cm (330x100 cm) (5032)


Edge dining table base w/extensions, 210x100 cm (330x100 cm) (5032)

Type: Dining
SKU: 5032ST-P032CA
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***· Exclusive look · Scratch-resistant surface · High quality stainless steel · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning ***

The luxurious extendable Edge dining table is an exceptionally stylish and elegant table with space for the whole family and friends. The skilled craftsmen and designers Strand+Hvass have worked closely together to create this distinctive pull-out table. The dining table frame is made of very high quality stainless steel and requires great precision in production. Without additional plates, the table measures 210 x 100 cm and with both supplementary plates inserted, the table measures 330 x 100 cm. Two additional plates are included in the purchase of countertop.

Width: 210 cm | 82.7 inches *

Depth: 100 cm | 39.4 inches *

Height: 74 cm | 29.2 inches *

Weight: 38.4 kg | 84.66 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on