Hyde luxe parasol, 3x4 m, incl. base, aluminium (583x4Y)


Hyde luxe parasol, 3x4 m, incl. base, aluminium (583x4Y)

Type: Parasol
SKU: 583X4Y505

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The Hyde parasol is a modern and timeless design that fits on most terraces. Hyde hanging luxe parasol is made of aluminium and comes in different fabric colour choices.The Hyde parasol can go up and down, which makes it easy for you to catch the sun. The Hyde parasol is sold including 4 x 25 kg stone tiles to hold it in place. We advise that the parasol is not used during heavy wind. 100% solution dyed polyester 280g/m2.

Width: 400 cm | 157.5 inches *

Depth: 300 cm | 118.2 inches *

Height: 278 cm | 109.5 inches *

Weight: 25.2 kg | 55.6 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

FabricSolution dyed polyester


Solution dyed maintenance manual

Aluminium maintenance manual 

Technical sheets