The home of Maria, Denmark

A blog post written by Maria Lundvald (@livsnyderhaven) as part of a collaboration
After a long winter, it is the absolute best feeling to make the terrace ready for spring and summer again. Every year, I feel the excitement in my stomach. I dream that this is going to be THE YEAR when we finally get all our unfinished projects done. The year, when the garden grows perfectly – I even imagine that the coffee I drink on my terrace tastes better! This year, we have upgraded our terrace with the simple and modern Grow planters from Cane-line.
For me, it is all about feeling comfortable at home.

Our greenhouse is already filled with small plants and flowers, which I planted back in March.

I can already see that I once again have planted too many plants, even though I had promised myself to have fewer plants this year. It all comes down to the limited space in our garden. But I just love the feeling of nature around me.