Outdoor kitchen

Drop is the name of Cane-line's complete kitchen series, which includes an outdoor kitchen concept with associated greenhouse, a dining table and a bar table. Drop is designed by Cane-line design team and can be arranged and mixed according to your size of space and your needs. The Drop kitchen collection is another of our favorite indoor areas that we bring outdoors.

Let´s make dinner outside

Invite the family and guests for dinner out in the open, where the food is prepared outdoors under the rays of the sun in your personal outdoor kitchen from Cane-line.

Outdoor kitchen environment

You do not necessarily need to have the biggest space or area to create a nice outdoor kitchen environment. It has been Cane-line's intention to make the outdoor kitchen usable – no matter if you live in the countryside, in the middle of a town or in a penthouse apartment. The drop main module is available in two sizes – one at 1 meter (length) that can easily fit in most places and a larger version at 2 meters.

Mix and match the Drop collection and get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

The collection is made of aluminum, certified teak, ceramic and stainless steel. The entire collection is very easy to clean. The drop kitchen is perfect for outside in all kinds of weather.