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    Combine is a range of functional and spacious boxes in black powder coated aluminium and slats in certified teak. In the combine range you will find storage solutions for your outdoor environment. Whether it is for storing your cushions in the cushionbox, when the weather changes. Or for “storing” all your greens together in the planters. The warm certified teak and the streamlined powder-coated aluminum gives a unique look that fits in most spaces. The Combine flowerbox is a modern planter in an exciting design and mix of materials. Plant your favorite herbs, flowers or trees and add the green spot to your outdoor space. The powdercoated aluminum ensures a resistant surface to knocks and scratches. The flowerbox comes in a floor based planter or as a raised planter with minimalistic aluminum legs. The Combine also includes spacious cushionboxes in different sizes, to match any need to storing your outdoor cushions. The Combine cushionbox is despite its size, rather light in the material, and with a lid with soft-closing for your comfort.