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    The Moments range is designed by the Danish designduo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. Moments is the essence of Scandinavian, minimalistic design with a high level of comfort. The sofa is beautiful from every angle with its light, elegant and transparent design. Moments come in both an indoor and an outdoor version. For outdoor use, Moments is manufactured in the weather-resistant Cane-line Soft Rope with Cane-line SoftTouch® QuickDry cushions. The Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow system is a special technology that increases comfort and ease of use, even after heavy rainfall, the cushions dry again at approx. one hour and ventilate in high humidity areas. The indoor version is made in Cane-line Soft Rope with cushions in the soft yet durable Swipe fabric.