Cover 9 - Hyde + Major parasol 3x3m


Cover 9 - Hyde + Major parasol 3x3m

Type: Cover
Item number: 5653S
Stackable: No
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Cane-line has the perfect protection for your parasol during autumn and winter or when you are not using it. The practical parasol cover helps to protect your parasol and will make spring cleaning easy. The parasol cover is easy to use, and fits Hyde parasol, 3x3 m. Total height is 240 cm.The cover comes in a handy storage bag.

This cover fits:

  • Hyde luxe tilt parasol, 3 x 3 m, incl. base, aluminium (583x3Y)
  • Hyde luxe tilt parasol incl. base, 3x3 m, aluminium/mat anodized (58A3X3Y)
  • Major parasol, w/sliding system, 3x3 m (52300x300y)
Cover 9 - Hyde + Major parasol 3x3m (5653S)
88 cm
34.7 inches *
88 cm
34.7 inches *
240 cm
94.5 inches *
88 cm
34.7 inches *
2 kg
4.4092 lbs *
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MaterialSolution dyed polyester

Solution dyed polyester maintenance manual

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